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our tale

Squealing Pig is a tale about a pig who wanted more from life than just his pig pen.

Keen on wine, but not a fan of the bore that you get with it, in 2010 they trotted off on an adventure to the Squealing Pig Vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, to make Sauvignon Blanc with personality. Eager to experiment with fresh varieties and styles, the pig soon spread their  wings south to Central Otago, before globetrotting the world.

No matter where this little pig goes–New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain –the Squealing Pig ethos remains the same: to make cracking wines that are approachable, flavour-packed and pair brilliantly with no-fuss foods. And to have more fun than anyone else doing it.

Map of New Zealand

Where does the name come from?

Squealing Pig was named after the pigs occupying the grounds of the historic homestead, overlooking the original Squealing Pig vineyard in New Zealand's South Island. Each mealtime the pigs would squeal with delight - a noise that travelled down to the vineyard - and beyond!

Close up photo of a gin bottle

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